Make an investment in your soul

The SOULWorks Spiritual weekend is a vibrant and engaging experience intended to separate you from the rhythm of your life in order to enter the greater rhythm of the Spirit. By investing this time to intentionally seek God, you will become better prepared to do the work of Christ. 

This short course in Christianity begins on Friday evening, continues from morning to evening Saturday, and concludes after the 5:30 Eucharist Sunday evening with a reception. Saint John’s members and previous participants will share compelling stories of their own personal spiritual journeys.  Participants will reflect on the talks and foster spiritual friendships in small groups throughout the weekend.

I was looking for a deeper spiritual life. We were able to unplug from the world; we were able to connect with God.
— Oscar Atkinson, SW #2

Our next SOULWorks Spiritual Weekend is an excellent opportunity for you to explore how far you’re willing to go into an authentic Christian life. It offers the chance to step out of your busy life and into calmer, reflective space.

SOULWorks is just amazing. If you don’t have it, you’ve got to get it.
— Lucy Blackwell

Enter a new experience with other first time participants (pilgrims) and take advantage of time for guided reflection, conversation, and introspection. Read recent pilgrims' thoughts on the weekend on the Testimonials page.

SOULWorks Spiritual Weekend #8 will be held in Fall 2018.

What do I have to do?

1. Set aside your time! This means investing one full Saturday and Sunday into your soul work. (limited time-outs may be granted in extraordinary circumstances--request in advance)

  • Friday         6:30pm - 9:00pm   (light breakfast, lunch, and dinner incl.)
  • Saturday     8:00am - 8:00pm   (light breakfast, lunch, and dinner incl.) (light breakfast, lunch incl.)
  • Sunday       8:00am - 7:00pm. (light breakfast, lunch, closing reception incl.)
  • Invite family or friends to celebrate with you at the closing Eucharist (Sunday 5:30pm) and reception.

2. Bring an open mind. Come to listen, to share, and to listen again. How often do you go looking for God?

3. Come "unplugged." You'll be asked to set aside your electronics and be fully present in the experience.

4. We'll feed you while you're here. If you need it, we'll even take care of the kids or check in on your pets while you're here.  There is NO COST to pilgrims.

Can I ask a question?

Sure! We are excited to help! Please feel free to ask any of the former pilgrims that you know. We also answer phone calls at the church office (901) 323-8597. And you email, right? Shoot a message to John, Bob, or Stephen.

SOULWorks Spiritual Weekend Pilgrims

SW Weekend #1: Jeanne Bassan, Johnathan Boswell, Mark Bradshaw, Hunt Campbell, Lauren Carr, Oscar Carr, Robin Davis, Darren Elzie, John Golwen, Tammy Golwen, Sissie Griffin, Jerry Hudson, Mary Ann Lee, Kim Mullins, Adam Nelson, Renee Pembroke, Anne Speer, Sarah Thornton

SW Weekend #2: Jocelyn Atkinson, Oscar Atkinson, Red Bassan, Dee Bradley, Richard Chotard, Lesley Dillon, Kat Gordon, Patrick Moore, Stephanie Moore, John Peeples, Susan Peeples, Thomas Robinson, Philip Weber, Matt Williams

SW Weekend #3: Lucy Blackwell, Bill Barnett, Michael Calhoun, Beth Campbell, Sherry Compton, Emily Fields, Elizabeth Gillespie, Myra Ann Kelso, Bryan Lawton, Jo Lenhart, Jane Mercer, Cindi Marshall, Andrea Stratton

SW Weekend #4:  Sam Buckmaster, George Gully, Margaret Jessie, Margaret Kemp, Betsy Mitchell, Allison Pace, Rhea Pannell, Kevin Searle, Jincy Smith, Rachel Snider, Reg Udouj, George Welty, Gina Yauger

SW Weekend #5: Mark Banks, Linda Banks, Barry Bridgforth, Bonnie Brewer, Dorritte Early, Kim Gladney, Matthew Gladney, Hugo Gonzales, Abbay Milnor, Warren Milnor, Lisa Palmer, John Ryder, Lain Whitaker-Ryder, Harriet Runkle, Jim Shepherd, Ruth Summers, Jon Taylor, Katie Taylor, Dana Welty

SW Weekend #6: Anna Avant, Ben Avant, Steve Barton, Joanna Foster, Mark Parrish, Pam Pierce, Will Robinson, Irene Smith, Sheila Vamplin

SW Weekend #7: Clair Bradley, Ben Carlton, Dick Doughtie, JJ Doughtie, Caleb Knight, Rob Mink, Cole O’Keeffe, Emily Palmer, Bentley Pembroke, Kristen Pembroke, Catherine Wheless