What’s the gap between where I am now and where I would like to be, or perhaps in more theological language, where I feel called to be?
— Footsteps, p. 7

What is this survey about?

The fact is, we may not know exactly where we’d like to end up. But we often know that we don’t want to stay where we are. We have the inkling that there is more, and that God is not finished with us yet.

The SOULWorks Survey is a chance to pause for reflection, to look back on our personal spiritual growth and see where we are and how we can deepen the roots that have already been planted. The Survey was most recently completed in February 2015 by 196 parishioners of Saint John's.

Why did we take the SOULWorks Survey?

Here's three great reasons:

  1. It helps us clearly define what we need to focus on to best achieve strong spiritual growth.
  2. Exploration leads to growth. Growth leads to deeper faith. Deeper faith leads to centered faith. It's this spirit of ownership that will allow your faith to move mountains.
  3. It provides a roadmap for you and the entire Saint John's church community.

What did we learn?

After the most recent parish-wide survey, a group of 15 people met together for a few months to read the responses, talk through new ideas, and create an action plan for the future! Then they presented six new initiatives to the congregation and laid out a plan for making them a reality. Watch their presentation and catch up on what's at work in this holy gathering of Christians. 

The SOULWorks Survey Workshop Team presents their action plan for spiritual growth to the parish, based on the responses from the 2015 RenewalWorks Spiritual Index. Lynn Bugg, Allison Pace, and Patrick Moore spoke to the congregation on Sunday, October 18th during the 10:30 service. Team Members who participated in the process are listed in the video at 7:37